A sliding door for your deck or patio.

Top quality sliding patio doors will instantly improve your back yard or patio space.

There are several advantages to a sliding door over other door styles. For example, they don’t take up space when they open, they can provide a very tight seal and they can perfectly match your new windows too. Sliding doors also tend to cost a fair bit less than a hinged patio door or French door.

3 and 4 panel sliding patio doors are also available in Boise.
3-panel sliding door in the Classic frame style with grids and a chrome handle.

Sliding patio doors are all custom made to order not pulled off of a shelf. As a result, there is a wide range of available configurations including sizes, efficiency options, colors and hardware.

Sliding patio doors with internal blinds that raise and tilt.
Internal blinds that raise and tilt.

These doors are also available with internal blinds for increased privacy, multiple hardware finishes to match your home and mulit-point locks, key locks and foot locks for added security.

These doors are available with several frame options as well. The Contemporary style will maximize glass area. The Classic style (shown above) provides a more substantial look. There is even a French style sliding door to replicate the look of a traditional French door while providing the benefits of a sliding door.

Efficiency options include all of the same insulated glass packages that are available on the windows. That means the sliding doors will match perfectly and perform just as well.

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